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to other valuable websites about home education. We add links now and then.
NB: Some sites may be of a political and/or religious nature, that Rohus may not agree with. Rohus is and will remain politically and religously un-affiliated.

Swedish sites:

  • School Forum - discussion forum and collection of documents (text, sound and video) about everything to do with school and alternative education. About 190 members.
  • Home education on Swedish Wikipedia.

Norwegian sites:

Danish sites:

Finnish sites:

  • Finlands Hemundervisare - newly formed sister organisation of Rohus, in Finland.
  • In Finland, home education is relatively well-known. Both the Educational Board and Webservice for teachers inform about the possibility to home educate, and how it is to be done. Read more at Utbildningsstyrelsen.

Estonian sites:

Brittish sites:

French sites:

German sites:

Swiss sites:

Dutch sites:

Belgian sites:

Spanish sites:

American sites:

Canadian sites:

South African sites:

  • Tuisonderwys - Vereniging vir Tuisonderwys - Association for Homeschooling

Australian sites:

Nya Zeeland sites:

Tasmanian sites:

International sites:


Latest news

• Latest press-releases here.
• The Swedish Parliament voted against a human right by accepting the Proposal for a new School Law. Read more!
• Two major home education articles translated and published at HSLDA: Home Education at Stake in Court Case and The Family Who Has School in Their Living Room
• English translation available! Click the flag of your choice, under our banner images.
New video - Dan Pink about how the old model of motivation doesn't work anymore. Number two in the list.
• Check our YouTube-channel!
• It is now possible to donate to the work that Rohus does - read more here.