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How do you home educate?

NB: All of the below applies only until July 2011, when the new school-law is in effect.

The School Law states that the child should be allowed to fulfill the school duty in "another way" than what the rest of the law states, i.e. going to school - if it "appears as a fully adequate alternative". Thus, an application to home educate must contain a thorough description of how your home education will be performed, so it is evident that it will be a fully adequate alternative.

Many municipalities judge whether or not home education is a fully adequate alternative on the basis of the Swedish study plan, Lpo-94. It is an interesting read and good to have.

The School Law also states that an application must be "approved by the school board of the school where the child would have otherwise fulfilled his school duty".

If the school is a municipal school, it is then the politically elected Educational board (Bildningsnämnden) of the municipality, and the application should be sumitted to them. Do NOT send it to the principal or school administration.

If the school is a free-school, they have their own board, and the application should be submitted to them. This is what the law says - but in spite of this, many municipalities erroneously argue that the free-shool's board cannot decide on matters to do with home education. We also know of municipalities that have been given this information from the government/state, even if there is no support for this in the law. If a family stumbles on these erroneous behaviors, one must stand up for one's right, and demand that the municipality shows their legal support for their behavior. Also, the board of a free-school must be prepared to stand up for it's right to make a decision in these matters. Several free-schools we know of, have done this, and some families home educate through them.

The child is most often enrolled in a school; a municipal or free-school. The family receives no tax-benefits or tax-cuts. Some families have been reimbursed for some of the study material they have bought.

The School Law also states that "the need for insight shall be satisfied". This is usually performed by a school-teacher or principal. Insight means just that, that they need to look into your home education, not steer it. The purpose of the insight is to watch/see that the child gets an education that is a fully adequate alternative visavi the education in a municipal school.

Here is a downloadable template for an application to home educate. It is in Word-format, so you can change it as you like, to make it fit your circumstances and views.

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