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Home education abroad

  • Canada: Official figure in 1996 was 17.523 home educated children. This figure is increasing, today it is estimated to 30.000-80.000. Population: 31 million.
  • Great Britain: It is difficult to find figures here. An official figure is 7.400-34.000 home educated children. Education Otherwise gives the figure 40.000-50.000. Yet another figure is 150.000. Population: 50 million.
  • USA: 1985; 50.000 home educated children, inofficial figure. 1992: 300.000 home educated children, inofficial figure. 1995: 500.000-750.000 home educated children, official figure. 1999: 850.000 home educated children, official figure. 2003: 1,1 million home educated children, official figure. 2003: 2,1 million home educated children, inofficial figure. Only 30 percent give religious reasons to why they home educate - source: Education Next (Winter 2009), a magazine published by Stanford University. Population: 300 million.
  • Australia: 2007-2008: 1703 home educated registered children, but there are many unregistered. Source: Sydney Morning Herald. Population: 21.5 million.
  • Finland: 2007: 380-400 home educated children. Source: YLE1 och YLE2
  • In our other neighboring nordic countries, home education is more well-known, and is supported in their laws. Figures will be published here. Worthy of note is that our neighboring countries do not have or use the term "school-duty", that makes minors responsible before the law. Our neighbors use the term "learning duty", a duty often put on the municipality/state. (The only other place we know of, that uses the term "school-duty", is Germany.)


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